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Resources for Teachers:
Teaching Ideas
Barefoot (Teaching Guide) (Harper)
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Line graph-Rate of Heating Materials-Barefoot or Shoes? (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 4-9; Author: Ms Science
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Barefoot in the Park (1960s) Movie Poster
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Barefoot in the Park (Broadway) (1960s) Movie Poster
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Resources for Students and Teachers:
Understanding Neil Simon (Understanding Contemporary American Literature) (University of South Carolina Press) 193 pages; Author: Susan Koprince
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Study Guide
Barefoot (eNotes Study Guide) (eNotes)
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Reading Guide
Barefoot (Reading Group Guide) (ReadingGroupGuides)
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Resources for All:
Barefoot (Harper) Author: Pamela Duncan Edwards
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Barefoot Dancer: the Story of Isadora Duncan Gr 5-8;
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