Black Death/Bubonic Plague
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Resources for Teachers:
Lesson Plan
The Black Death (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 7-8; Author: Jesse Shay
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Black Death PowerPoint (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 7; Author: Monica Lukins
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The Black Death Primary Source Lesson (InspirEd Educators) Gr 6-12;
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Document Based Questions: the Black Death (Giovanni Boccaccio) (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 7-9; Author: Mark Aaron
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FC.071 and FC.071A the Later Middle Ages and the Black Death (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 8-12+; Author: Chris Butler
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World History: Transformations of Europe: Black Death, 30 Years War (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 9-12+; Author: History Guru
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Test or Quiz
BrainPop Quiz: Black Death (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 5-8; Author: Hiztoreeroxcom
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Quiz: Black Death (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 6-8; Author: Mark Aaron
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Black Death/Bubonic Plague Handout Author: Jacquelyn Wanner
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Black Death Bubonic Plague Story Board Medieval Europe (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 6-12; Author: Tony Pavlovich Instructomania
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Impact of the Black Death - Graphic Organizer (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 9-12; Author: Dean Damiani
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Resources for Students and Teachers:
Study Guide
When Plague Strikes: the Black Death, Smallpox, AIDS (QuickNotes Study Guide) (eNotes)
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Web Quest
Black Death Webquest - Middle Ages Dark Ages (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 6-11; Author: Mrs Miller
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Resources for All:
When Plague Strikes: the Black Death Smallpox AIDS Gr 5-8;
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