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Resources for Teachers:
Teaching Guide
Hard Times (Teaching Unit) (Prestwick House) 101 pages; Gr 10-12; Gr 7-12;
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Hard Times on the Prarie (Lit.Circle Unit) (Appalachian State Univ. (N.C.)) Gr 3;
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American Studies Unit 5 - Hard Times - New Deal:1929-1936 (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 11; Author: Jerry Caveglia 5
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Hard Times (in Full0th grade course materials) (TeachingPoint) Author: Robert Barsanti
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Hard Times (Novel Curriculum Unit) (Center for Learning)
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Hard Times (112 vocabulary words,) (MyVocabulary.com)
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Grammar Exercises
Grammardog Guide to Hard Times (Grammardog)
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Hard Times (GrammarDog) (Grammardog)
CD-ROM from   GrammarDog
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Hard Times - Charles Dickens Two Essay Scaffolds/ Outline Plans (Radiant Heart) Gr 10-12+; Author: Angie Barillaro
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Hard Times (1970s) Movie Poster
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Resources for Students and Teachers:
Hard Times: A Fable of Fragmentation and Wholeness (Masterwork) (Twayne) Author: Deborah A. Thomas
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Student Companion to Charles Dickens (Student Companions to Classic Writers) (Greenwood Press) 176 pages; Author: Ruth Glancy
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Study Guide
Hard Times (eNotes Study Guide) (eNotes)
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CliffsNotes on Dickens' Hard Times (Wiley) Author: Curton, Josephine J.
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Hard Times Insight Text Article (Insight) Gr 9-12;
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Hard Times (Study Guide) (Novelguide.com) Gr 7-12;
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Hard Times (GradeSaver Study Guide) (GradeSaver)
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Hard Times (Shmoop Study Guide) (Shmoop)
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Hard Times (SparkNotes Study Guide) (SparkNotes)
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Hard Times (Barron's Book Notes) (Barron's) Author: Michael Adams
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Hard Times (Cambridge Wizard Student Guide) (Cambridge Wizard) Author: Richard McRoberts
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Teach Yourself Literature Guide - Advanced: Hard Times (Teach Yourself Books) 96 pages; Author: Sean Sheehan
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Resources for All:
Hard Times (eNotes)
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Hard Times on the Prarie Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder
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Hard Times (Prestwick House)
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Hard Times (Dover) (Dover) Author: Charles Dickens
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Hard Times (Naxos) Gr 9-12; Author: Charles Dickens
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