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Resources for Teachers:
Teaching Guide
Lyddie (Portals to Reading Activities) (Perfection Learning) Gr 3-8;
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Lyddie (Novel Study) (TeacherTimesavers)
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Critical Reading Activities for the Works of Katherine Paterson (Walch) 75 pages; Author: Jennifer Blanchard Illustrator: Margery Niblock
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Lyddie (Novel Unit Teacher Guide) (ECS Learning / Novel Units Inc)
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Lesson Plan
Lyddie (Lesson Plan 2) (SCORE Teacher CyberGuide) (SCORE) Gr 5-8;
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Seeing Through Lyddie's Eyes: A Historical Career Search ( Gr 6-12;
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Teaching Ideas
Lyddie (Teaching Ideas)
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Test or Quiz
Lyddie (PL tests) (Perfection Learning)
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Lyddie (Response Journal) (Prestwick House) 41 pages; Gr 7-12;
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Resources for Students and Teachers:
Study Guide
Lyddie (QuickNotes Study Guide) (eNotes)
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Lyddie (HRW Study Guide) (Holt Rinehart and Winston) Gr 6-9;
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Lyddie (Novel-Tie) (Learning Links)
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Lyddie (Reviews, Activities) ( Author: Carol Hurst
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Web Links
Katherine Paterson @ ( Author: Carla Beard
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Resources for All:
Lyddie Gr 5.9; Author: Katherine Paterson
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