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Resources for Teachers:
Teaching Guide
The Gold Cadillac (Lit.Circle Unit) (Appalachian State Univ. (N.C.)) Gr 3;
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Lesson Plan
The Gold Cadillac by Mildred Taylor Lesson Plans and Student Packet (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 3-5; Author: Erica
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Guided Reading Lesson Plan - Gold Cadillac (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 1-6; Author: Melissa Dean
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Resources for Students and Teachers:
Study Guide
The Gold Cadillac: A Novel-Ties Study Guide (Learning Links) Gr 3-6;
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The Gold Cadillac (Novel-Tie) (Learning Links) 18 pages; Gr 3-6; Author: J. Friedland Et Al.
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The Gold Cadillac (Pattonville (Missouri) School District) Gr 2-4;
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Resources for All:
The Gold Cadillac Gr 4; Author: Mildred D. Taylor
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The Gold Cadillac by Mildred Taylor - Set of 6 (TeachersPayTeachers) Gr 3-5; Author: Hodge Podge
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