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Resources for Teachers:
Teaching Guide
Approaches to Teaching Joyce's Ulysses (MLA) 178 pages; Editor: Kathleen McCormick; Erwin R. Steinberg
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Ulysses (331 very challenging vocabulary words ) (MyVocabulary.com) Author: John Scott Watson
Web Page(s) from   MyVocabulary (Free)
Ulysses (Vocabulary) (Vocabulary.com)
Web Page(s) from   Vocabulary.com (Free)
Questions: compare Tennyson's Ulysses to Dante's Inferno (MrCoia.com) Author: Mr. Coia
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Ulysses (1950s) Movie Poster
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Ulysses (1960s) Movie Poster
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Resources for Students and Teachers:
James Joyce's Ulysses: A Reference Guide (Greenwood Press) 264 pages; Author: Bernard McKenna
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Lectures on Literature (Mariner Books) Author: Vladimir Nabokov Editor: Fredson Bowers
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Reading Joyce's Ulysses (St. Martin's Press) 304 pages; Author: Daniel R. Schwarz
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Ulysses: Portals of Discovery (Masterwork) (Twayne) Author: Patrick A. McCarthy
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Study Guide
Ulysses (eNotes Study Guide) (eNotes)
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The Odyssey study page (2020site.com)
Web Page(s) from   2020site.com (Free)
Ulysses (Cummings Study Guide) (Cummings)
Web Page(s) from   Cummings (Free)
Ulysses (StudyGuide.org) (Studyguide.org)
Web Page(s) from   studyguide.org (Free)
Ulysses (PinkMonkey Study Guide) (PinkMonkey)
Web Page(s) from   PinkMonkey (Free)
Ulysses (GradeSaver Study Guide) (GradeSaver)
Web Page(s) from   GradeSaver (Free)
Ulysses (Shmoop Study Guide) (Shmoop)
Web Page(s) from   Shmoop (Free)
Ulysses (SparkNotes Study Guide) (SparkNotes)
Web Page(s) from   SparkNotes (Free)
CliffsNotes on Joyce's Ulysses (Wiley)
Web Page(s) from   Cliffs Notes (Free)
CliffsNotes On Joyce's Ulysses, Revised Edition (Wiley)
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Annotated Edition
Ulysses Annotated: Notes for James Joyce's Ulysses (University of California Press) 694 pages; Author: Don Gifford
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Web Links
James Joyce @ WebEnglishTeacher.com (WebEnglishTeacher.com) Author: Carla Beard
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Resources for All:
Ulysses (Random House) Author: Joyce, James
eBook from   $13
Ulysses (Dover) (Dover) Author: Enda Duffy; James Joyce
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Ulysses (BookRags)
eBook from   BookRags (Free)
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Ulysses (Prestwick House)
VHS from   PH
Ulysses (Naxos) Gr 9-12; Author: James Joyce
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