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Resources for Teachers:
Teaching Guide
Walden (Teaching Unit) (Prestwick House) 70 pages; Gr 7-12;
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Walden (Novel Curriculum Unit) (Center for Learning)
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Teaching Guide with Audio
Walden (Teaching Unit) (Prestwick House)
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Video Lesson Plan
Walden (Video Lesson Plan) (CSPAN)
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Lesson Plan
Walden (Discovery Lesson Plan) (Discovery Ed.)
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Walden (BookRags Lesson Plan) (BookRags) 107 pages;
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Grammar Exercises
Walden (GrammarDog) (Grammardog) 55 pages; Gr 6-12;
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Teaching Ideas
Religion and Romanticism Unit Guide (MrCoia.com) 15 pages; Gr 8; Author: Mr. Coia
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Nature in Literature: Imagery in "Walden" (BrightHub) Author: Julia Bodeeb
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Test or Quiz
Walden and Other Writings (PL tests) (Perfection Learning)
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Walden Presentations (eNotes) Gr 11; Author: Kate M Schultz
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Resources for Students and Teachers:
Walden: Volatile Truths (Masterwork) (Twayne) Author: Martin Bickman
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Study Guide
Walden (eNotes Study Guide) (eNotes)
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Walden (QuickNotes Study Guide) (eNotes)
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CliffsNotes on Thoreau's Walden (Wiley) Author: McElrath, Joseph R.
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Walden (PinkMonkey Study Guide) (PinkMonkey)
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Walden (GradeSaver Study Guide) (GradeSaver)
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Walden (SparkNotes Study Guide) (SparkNotes) Gr 7-12;
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Walden (Barron's Book Notes) (Barron's)
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Walden (Questions) (viterbo.edu) Author: Grant T. Smith
Web Page(s) from   viterbo.edu (Free)
Web Links
Henry David Thoreau @ WebEnglishTeacher.com (WebEnglishTeacher.com) Author: Carla Beard
Web Page(s) from   WebEnglishTeacher (Free)

Resources for All:
Walden (eNotes)
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Walden and Other Writings (Prestwick House)
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Walden Pond (Photography)
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Walden (Beacon Press) Author: Mckibben, Bill Thoreau, Henry David
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Walden (Prestwick House) Gr 9-12;
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