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About LessonIndex.com: a free web directory of Literature Lesson Plans & Teaching Guides

This web site is intended primarily as an information resource for teachers and home-school parents, and also includes many resources useful for students. Currently, LessonIndex.com includes "Literature Lesson Plan" resources, but plan to expand into other content areas that are useful and relevant for K-12 teachers. (You can view some "experimental" pages for non-literatre content areas at LessonIndex.com/beta) As of August 9, 2010, the LessonIndex database contains more than 215,000 "literature lesson plan" links.

Publishers and Merchants: I need your data! Click here for details.

Linking: LessonIndex.com includes relevant and useful lesson-plan resources for K-12 educators. I don't link to sites which aren't relevant and useful for an audience of K-12 teachers (nor do I want links from sites that aren't relevant).

Links from LessonIndex.com: If you have a relevant and useful web site for K-12 educators, please tell me about it (LessonIndex@MarkWelch.com); if you have many relevant web pages or products, I encourage you to provide a "datafeed" so that I can automate the process of adding and updating information. (click here for details.)

Links to LessonIndex.com: Of course, I want other web sites link to LessonIndex.com, but I don't participate in "reciprocal link" arrangements or "link exchanges." Here is some example HTML code, if you wish to link to this site:

<a href="http://www.LessonIndex.com/" title="LessonIndex.com: Lesson Plans & Teaching Guides">
<b>LessonIndex.com</b>: Lesson Plans and Teaching Guides</a>

The result should look like this: LessonIndex.com: Lesson Plans and Teaching Guides

About Mark Welch (Editor & Publisher of LessonIndex.com):

In 2004, after I quit teaching, I created a web site directory of lesson-plan resources (free and paid), as a part-time effort; in 2007, I sold that web site. Since then, that site has stagnated, and contains many invalid links, though it still ranks highly on Google for relevant search phrases.

In late October (2010), I was approached by a study-guide publisher seeking a marketing director; we quickly agreed that I wasn't the right fit for the position they sought to fill, but the discussion revived my interest in the "Lesson Plans" niche.

I decided to spend some time designing an ontology and a preliminary database implementation, and then created some import scripts. After experimenting with several prototype versions in December 2010, I've quietly "launched" the new site on January 1, 2011, at LessonIndex.com. My next step will be to refine the ontology that underlies the database, and begin a much more complex implementation.

Feedback? Email LessonIndex@MarkWelch.com

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